About the Artist and his Work


The watercolors of Robert J. Stetz capture the simplistic nature of every day culture. Done in a realistic style, each painting stimulates the imagination of the viewer through the unusual selection and composition of the subject, reinforced by the title of the piece.

Traditional watercolor techniques, combined with lifting and glazing are prominent in various pieces of his work. The attention to detail is ever present and, according to the artist, is gained through his study of the works of masters Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth, and John Singer Sargent.

The varied selection of subjects conveys a spirited restless creativity. It is magnified by the diversity in his work which is apparent when comparing the energy present in his painting “Out of the Gate” with the sharp contrast to the solemnity conveyed in “The Homecoming”.

“I try to visualize my finished painting before I start. I don’t like to leave any of the composition to chance. Because I work almost exclusively from photographs my camera is partner to my palette. I am never satisfied. I will put a painting aside and go back to it several times before I consider it finished. The details are as important as the idea.”

He is the recipient of an Award of Excellence from the New Jersey Watercolor Society in 2008 and 2012, and received the Flo Higgins Medal for Watercolor in 2013 from The Guild of Creative Art in New Jersey, where he is an Exhibiting Member. Selected pieces of his work are scheduled to be exhibited in New Jersey beginning in the spring of 2013. Schedule can be obtained by e-mailing rstetz2@verizon.net.